Woodlands Weather This Week – February 12 - 18, 2024 – Weather that’s not for the faint of heart

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 02/12/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Monday morning winds are already dying down as we near out afternoon high of only 60 degrees. Though our humidity has been dropping steadily all day, it’s about to plow into a rapidly rising pressure system, turning it around. With nary a cloud in the sky, there’s nothing to trap the sun’s bright rays to warm the ground, so throughout the evening, night, and early morning, our lows will keep dropping until they hit 38 on the mercury.

Dry skies can lead to weeknight romance

Shortly after Tuesday sunrise, the temps will re-soar from the 30s into the mid 60s under another day of sunny skies. Near-zero winds and chances of rain as low as a baby’s shoe size will make this a gorgeous day to be outdoors. Again, however, the mid-afternoon high will rapidly drop into the 40s as the evening and night elapse.

Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, the clouds will start to come creeping in. As the day progresses, they’ll cover about half of the horizon and the winds will kick up a notch as the temperature threatens to break the 70-degree barrier. The clouds will eventually act as a blanket and our nighttime low will stay in the 50s. The gnarly stuff will hold off for a bit; nature's way of letting you and your loved one enjoy a Valentine's evening relatively unscathed.

On Thursday, the clouds will increase as the dew point rises, making for an outright muggy environment. The high will hang around the mid 70s for a while, and as the thermometer struggles to get below the 60s, the chances of rain will start, growing steadily as the night progresses.

Friday will most likely see some rain in the area, peaking in the middle of the afternoon. It’ll be about 10 degrees cooler across the board than the day before, with a high in the mid 60s and a low of 48.

Look for the rain to carry into the first part of the weekend, and prepare for quite possibly the first high temperature in the 80s of the year right around the bend…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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