Lone Star College-Montgomery Celebrates Black History Month by Embracing the Arts

By: Kymesha Atwood
| Published 02/26/2024

Lone Star College-Montgomery celebrates Black History Month with arts events featuring playwright Celeste Bedford Walker and fashion designer Maureen Joseph.

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Lone Star College-Montgomery's Office of Culture and Engagement, Black History Month Team, and Student Success Institute joined together to celebrate Black History Month with a focus on collective culture enrichment and the arts.

Black History Month, observed annually in February, stands as a commemoration to honor the remarkable achievements, experiences, and cultural events of African American individuals while emphasizing and celebrating their pivotal contributions to the rich identity of U.S. history.

The college celebrated with engaging and educational activities, including a 'Night of Arts' event on February 15 featuring celebrated playwright Celeste Bedford Walker. Walker is known for her diverse and acclaimed body of work that includes over 40 plays, videos, documentaries, and films performed in various prestigious venues nationwide. Her plays encompass a universal theme rooted in the Black experience, exploring the sacred and the ordinary, the serious and the humorous aspects of the human condition with profound insight and joy. At the event, she captivated the audience by reading from her book, 'Sassy Mamas and Other Plays’, alongside the uplifting gospel music of the Conroe Gospel Choir adding to the collective experience.

On February 22, the celebrations continued with a Fashion Show and performance from a former LSC-M student. Fashion Designer, Maureen Joseph, a native of Nigeria, showcased her fashion line, Cenac Essentials, which is inspired by the bright colors and bold patterns of her homeland. Joseph's designs incorporate traditional African patterns and textures, while striving to make each individual feel special.

This year, under the theme "Black Arts: Continuing the Legacy," LSC-M Office of Culture and Engagement, the Black History Month Team, and the Student Success Institute amplified the rich history and invaluable contributions of Black Americans by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their profound impact within the college and community.

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