Pet of the Week - Leto and Ryder

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 02/28/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- Meet Leto (4) and Ryder (6), who were out for coffee with their owners Jeanette and Richard at the new Black Rock Coffee Bar in Montgomery recently. Leto, named after the character in ‘Dune’, is a Siberian Husky, and Ryder, named after Winona, from ‘Beetlejuice’ and Reality Bites.’. Leto is a Siberian Husky, born in Ohio, and Ryder is a Pomsky (Pomerianian-Siberian Husky mix) born in Waco. They may look alike, but Ryder is smaller. Their diet is 80% kibble and 20% raw meat. And that protein makes them smart. Besides running, chasing, and making their toys squeak, they can open the front and back doors, turn on the water, climb stuff, and visit the neighbors dog via unsavory means. They hide. Richard has even described Leto and Ryder as “criminals.” Which is just the way they should be. But they make up for it by pulling the couple on their skateboards. Good Luck Leto and Ryder, and Congratulations on being ‘Pets of the Week’.

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