Historic Montgomery Business Highlight: Ready. Set. Grow.

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 03/18/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- Here is a shout out to: Ready. Set. Grow. A business that is dedicated to personalized tutorials currently for students from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Located in The Westmont Building on Liberty Street, owner Montana Greer, by next year anticipates adding another teacher next year, and tutoring Pre-K to 5th grade.

Greer offers tutoring sessions during summer and after school, and she teaches Kindergarten- 3rd grade for the academic school year. She has a Masters Degree in Education from SHSU. She has taught in the public school system before deciding to start her business.

“Ready. Set. Grow. is a place for students to receive one-on-one individualized instruction,” said Greer. “The aim is to support students to reach their goals and succeed in all academic areas with a focus on early elementary education.”

The business is designed to be the sole education your child needs for the academic school year. There is a structured, 4-hour time period, in a small group setting where we will dive deep into each subject area. The object is to learn all Texas State Standards of your child's grade level within the school year. Montana’s vision for private education is that your child will be able to enter any public or private school and excel in all subject areas.”

For more information the website is:

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