Lone Star College makes planning for classes easier

By: Bill Van Rysdam
| Published 04/10/2024

Lone Star College students are now able to view the full 2024-2025 academic schedule to help plan their academic year.

HOUSTON, TX -- Lone Star College students are now able to explore the entire 2024-2025 academic schedule, including which college courses will be available to help them plan their year along with other life priorities, including work, child care and transportation. Previously, students could only view available classes a semester at a time.

“Lone Star College launched the Full Academic Year Schedule based on a survey that clearly outlines students’ desire for a full-year schedule and registration process,” said Dwight L. Smith, Ed.D., LSC vice chancellor, Academic and Workforce Success. “Students can now see their full pathway to completion, giving them a visual understanding of their progress and what they need to do to achieve their academic goals.”

LSC’s Full Academic Year Schedule includes fall, spring, summer and mini-term sessions. Starting in 2025, students will be able to register for a full year of classes. For now, students can visit their pathway plan through to preview and plan courses and have the flexibility to plot their academic year.

The college will implement the new process in two phases:

  • Phase I: 2024-2025 students can view the full year schedule.
  • Phase II: 2025-2026 students will be able to view and register for a full academic year.

“This opportunity will help students plan to ensure they stay on target and finish on time, while saving time and money,” said Christina Hagerty, Ed.D., LSC senior associate vice chancellor, Academic Affairs.

The LSC Full Academic Year Schedule will also allow the college to make projections based on enrollment for current and future semesters to best meet the needs of students. Visit for more information on this opportunity.

Lone Star College offers over 200 program options, including four bachelor’s degrees, for students to complete a degree, transfer to a four-year institution or enter the workforce. Registration is now open for the May Mini-term and summer semesters; fall enrollment begins April 10. Learn more at

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