Woodlands-Based Business and Life Coach Goes Global

By: Kevin White
| Published 04/11/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Kevin White, aka Coach White of 4F Victory based here in The Woodlands, is a certified business coach, Master Life Coach, Master Wellness Coach and certified personal fitness trainer. His client list has now grown from U.S. only to international as well.

Business Coach Brings Life-changing Advice To Companies And Individuals Worldwide
“I have been very blessed to work with some absolutely fantastic people throughout the U.S. and through referrals to businesses outside the country, I’m expanding worldwide.” said Coach White.

Kevin White, aka Coach White, is the Executive Victory Coach and CEO of 4F Victory. Kevin is a Certified Business Coach, Master Life Coach, Master Wellness Coach and Certified Fitness Coach. Kevin’s clients include CEO’s, business owners, private equity companies, venture capital companies and high net worth individuals.

The 4F Victory program stands for Faith, Family, Finance & Fitness.

“Most men and women are failing at getting a victory in at least two of these key areas in life. They have adopted the world’s misguided acceptance of mediocrity. They forgot that God created them to be victors, not victims, in all of these areas. My mission in life is to help men women be victorious in everything which is exactly what God intends.”

In addition to coaching, he is also a highly successful businessman with over 32 years of experience in launching, scaling and selling businesses. He has launched several start-up businesses including a Christian publishing business in 1994, a hugely successful commercial real estate business in 2005 and a private equity business which he launched in 2020.

“One principle or piece of advice can save your life, save your family or save your business millions of dollars. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life and it’s going by fast.”

For information on business coaching or life coaching, you can view the company website at or you can contact Kevin White at

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