Six Years Serving The Woodlands

By: Alejandro Cárdenas
| Published 04/24/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Plantonic Friends Nursery (PFN) was the 'spark' that ignited the thrust to become a Monarch Champion City

Plantonic Friends Nursery celebrates 6 year anniversary

We share the knowledge in native plant selection to create a healthy habitat in your garden

Visit #twfarmersmarket Saturday 9 - 1

One of our first customers, John, came by with his ten year old son the first time we were at #TWFarmersMarket. They bought a couple of Milkweed plants, aka Asclepias, that, as everyone now knows, is the host plant to the Monarch Butterfly. The next morning, John and his son came to visit my backyard where Alejandro was propagating the milkweed. Next Monday morning Mary calls from The Woodlands Environmental Services and orders Asclepias for their own programs! The spark fell on propitious ground and the fire was ignited. The Woodlands is now the #1 City to live in the United States of America.

Alejandro became a Master Gardener under the auspices of the Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Services also in 2018, thanks to the encouragement and guidance of CJ, a good friend. The program is a world class venue to improve your gardening skills; they now limit participation to a select few every year.

PFN continue to propagate Asclepias, introducing the native varieties which to this day provide a haven for the Monarch Butterfly as she traverses our area on the marvelous migration to and from Mexico / Canada. Stop by The Woodlands Farmers Market; Alejandro loves to share.

PFN has made #twfarmersmarket our home every Saturday 9 to 1. We miss our good friend, Bruce Cunningham whose generous and steadfast support will be remembered in our hearts. His legacy will always be with us.

PFN has discovered many ways to fail and a few that work. First of all, do not fight Mother Nature, she knows best. Our climate, our soil, our water, our critters, our plants and our neighbors must thrive in a well planned habitat. Our plants provide food and shelter to all creatures around us. A host plant will provide a place for pollinators to lay their eggs; the offspring will then eat the leaves of the host. Finally, plants will provide the nectar that fuels the flight of pollinators.

Plantonic Friends Nursery provides a plant selection that thrives in our habitat plus free advice on how to improve your garden to reduce water needs, maintenance and save money.

Visit #twfarmersmarket every Saturday 9 to 1

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