Woodlands Weather This Week – May 6 - 10, 2024 – Party like it’s the 90s

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 05/06/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – We’re still recovering from the savage storms that showed up last week and decided to hang around a lot longer than anticipated. Through the flooding and fallen trees, we’ve made it into a whole new week, one that looks mildly better, but by no means perfect.

Hotter and drier, but not out of the woods yet

As our Monday progresses, the humidity in the air will take a dip as the winds rise, ruffling our hair as the clouds eventually clear away and we hit a high of 86 degrees; thanks to the heat index, however, it will feel like 91. Mid-evening, the clouds will start to come back as the temperature finally drops down to more manageable levels, leaving us with an overnight low of 74.

We’ll be even warmer on Tuesday as the clouds blanket the area for pretty much the entire day, helping to trap the warmth in and bringing us up to 89 – with a considerable heat index adding seven degrees to that. We won’t have anywhere the same wind as the day before, so there won’t be too much relief from the swelter.

On Wednesday, it will be even more hot and sticky, with the morning clouds keeping the hot air moist. Some winds in the afternoon will provide scant relief, but it’s better than nothing. As the day progresses, the cloud coverage will diminish as the humidity hits its peak for a while. Once again, the humidity will add seven degrees to the ‘natural’ high of 9o.

Things come to a head on Thursday as the heat and humidity do their thing to bring a heat index all the way up to 99 under cloudy skies. In the afternoon, those clouds will finally unload some rain on us, and we’ll have to deal with another few hours of thunderstorms. This should be the tipping point, however, as the dew point and humidity both start a downward trend as the pressure system mildly increases. For the first time in days, we’ll hit an overnight low temperature in the 60s.

The work week will end on a surprisingly high note, with partly cloudy skies, moderate winds, and manageable humidity. The high will be only 83 and we’ll enjoy another low in the lower 60s.

As the weekend approaches, however, we may have to contend with some more rains that could extend far into the next week…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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