OP-ED: Doolittle Backed by Out of State Dark Money

By: Allen Blakemore
| Published 05/21/2024


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- Sheriff Rand Henderson’s campaign released the following statement:

“Wesley Doolittle is desperate. His campaign is failing,” said Allen Blakemore, Henderson campaign spokesman. “At this point he’ll do and say anything. He is not the virtuous retired Ranger he pretends to be.

“First, he bankrolled his campaign with the dirty money from the developer of the notorious haven for illegal aliens, criminals, and the cartels known as Colony Ridge. Who knows what promises he made to get those big dollars.

“Now, he’s being financed by a mysterious web of out of state dark money political groups. These shady groups hide in the shadows, violating the basic principles of Texas campaign finance law. They accept fat-cat corporate contributions otherwise illegal in Texas and then refuse to disclose those donations making unlimited expenditures to support politicians like Wesley Doolittle.

“Every Texas lawman knows you are supposed to put the bad guys in jail, not ask them to finance our campaign.

“Wesley Doolittle is just another wannabe who hides under a big hat. He has tarnished the badge he wears.

“Doolittle should come clean. Return the money from the developers who bring crime into our area and tell the dark money thugs to take their dark money and leave Texas.”

Sheriff Rand Henderson was first elected as Sheriff in Montgomery County in 2016 and is up for a third full term in November 2024. More information about Sheriff Henderson is available at

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