OP/ED: Warren Smith and the Secret Scholars Society

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 05/24/2024


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- This column may upset some. And quite frankly, I don’t care about Democrats feelings, but it needed to be written.

I constantly ask myself why White Socialist Elitists are the way they are? Why do they vote Democrat? It’s odd because those who are living paycheck to paycheck, and vote Democrat, are essentially killing their own self interest. With Democrats, and I’m talking about the ones with multiple degrees, and have the political minds of a first grader. The ones who live in their own little universe, and if you don’t think like them, then you are dirt. You’re nothing. Personally, I think their elitism is such that they simply don’t care about lives other than their own, or those in their own little circle. They are more in line with Joseph Stalin in trying to promote absolute terror, because The “Man of Steel,” had his people fearful every day of their lives. The people feared that they would be the next arrested, tortured, jailed, or simply executed. And the only one safe from anything in The Soviet Union prior to March 1953 was Joseph Stalin himself.

Looking at the State of American Education, the teacher’s unions have done a bang up job in educating students that are unable to understand basic educational concepts that they will need to move on in life. A good number of students are essentially dumb as stumps when they leave high school, and it’s sadly being done by design, to keep generations of students uneducated so that they will be dependent on the government for their survival. And the one thing that schools are not teaching is ‘critical thinking.’

Teacher and YouTuber Warren Smith, whose YouTube channel is ‘Warren Smith - Secret Scholars Society,’ was fired from his high school teaching position. Why, you ask?? For making videos involving Critical Thinking. His video about J.K Rowling, where a student with the mindset that the Harry Potter author is a bigot, asks about Warren’s opinion on the subject. Smith used the opportunity as a critical thinking exercise, or thought experiment with the student, in which he teaches the young man not ‘what to think,’ but ‘how to think.’ And it caused the student to ‘feel like an idiot’ at the end of the video, but he learned about thinking on his own,

Critical thinking is so important, and unless parents are taking it upon themselves, their children will have little chance for a successful future with most teachers. In my weekly activities, I meet a lot of people, and if they are young adults, it pains me to see a good portion of them are clueless. The Democrat slave masters of the antebellum days didn’t want their property to be able to read, and it equates to the modern days Democrat slave masters not wanting their students to critically think. Warren Smith is a threat in that regard. So he had to go.

Any independent thinking person, someone who is able to see what the Democrat media is telling them, but when they look at the true situation, they come to realize that they are being lied to and something must change. Many living in the chaos perpetrated by Democrats have been redpilled, all because they are living the misery. And in most cases, it’s a misery they voted for, but there is a reckoning coming in that regard.

Our Country needs tons more Warren Smith’s. As a whole on the independent thinking front we are suffering. American educators are politically minded first, and do not have expectations for their students, as compared to Singapore or South Korea. Students who can think independently have a much better chance at life, than being herded into the groupthink model pushed by most schools. Thoughts emerging from schools where students are more interested in social justice are failing, and in no way are they teaching students to learn about subjects to prepare them to move onto college or a trade school. It’s important to have a solid secondary education because it's getting harder and harder to get a job now that Democrats have forced automation upon business owners with harmful policies forcing businesses to react drastically to stay afloat forcing layoffs.

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t need a break every four hours, and it doesn’t need a raise from $15 to $20, $25 dollars an hour. What Warren Smith promoted in his students is to get their brains in motion to think about the next great thing. Things that promote job growth, and personal success for individuals. So many people have been robbed of that with their American Dreams up in flames. And it's impossible for millions of illegal immigrants to come here unvetted, and with virtually no monetary resources or skill sets, and with the cost of housing and food, how will they contribute to society? We already have enough low skilled labor to more than fulfill commitments. What we need are smart American students, those raised with high expectations, and with critical thinking in mind, to be the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, financiers, Conservative politicians, etc.

Warren Smith does still work part-time for Emerson College, near Boston, Massachusetts. And there is no doubt that he will land on his feet, and go on to bigger and better things. The high school that fired him for teaching students ‘how to think’ and not ‘what to think.’ Well, it makes you think. Are the people running our schools? Are they the best available for the job? Do they actually want their students to succeed in life? And most importantly … Do they even care?

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