Father with 'One In A Million' Condition Thanks Crews Who Saved His Life

By: Misti Willingham
| Published 06/03/2024


CONROE, TX -- When Jeromy Hoyle woke up on the morning of March 22, 2024, he had no idea his life was in danger. It was a typical day, until he started having a strange feeling in his chest. It then moved to serious pain in both arms. Mr. Hoyle was having a STEMI, commonly called a heart attack. When paramedics arrived on scene, Mr. Hoyle and his wife quickly alerted them that he has an extremely rare condition called Situs Inversus. The organs in his body are mirrored on the opposite side than most people. His heart is on his right side instead of his left; his liver is on the left side instead of the right, and so on. Even though the condition is found in roughly one in a million people, the right paramedic for the job was there. MCHD In-Charge Paramedic Jason Jones was familiar with the condition and knew immediately that he had to alter his plan on caring for Mr. Hoyle. He reversed the EKG leads to the opposite side of his body and was able to capture a clear, accurate EKG. It was confirmed; Mr. Hoyle was having an acute STEMI. Paramedics rushed to give him medicine to control his pain and get him to HCA Conroe as quickly and safely as possible.

“This really illustrates the amazing system of care we have here in Montgomery County,” said MCHD Medical Director Dr. Casey Patrick. “From the time of the 911 call with our dispatchers - to our fire partners - to our EMS crews - to the hospital’s cardiologist getting the stint in and really having to troubleshoot. It really takes the whole system.”

The cardiology tools are angled a certain way to factor in a heart on the left side, so even the procedure looked like one no one in the operating room had seen before. Fortunately, the stent was placed correctly, and Mr. Hoyle is doing well.

“My biggest thing is I wanted to meet y’all. You saved my life,” Mr. Hoyle told the crews. “Thank you for listening to me and believing me. It saved time... I appreciate it so much and you guys are doing an amazing job. It saved my life. Thank you.”

MCHD would like to thank all of the first responders involved in Mr. Hoyle’s care:

MCHD Paramedics

Jason Jones, In-Charge

Nicholas Nellish, Attendant

MCHD 911 Dispatch Center

Reiley Davis

North Montgomery County Fire Department

Corey Brown

Alex Rolfson

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