Slice of Amish Honors Veterans

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 06/11/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- In an ‘All Veterans Welcome’ event held this past First Saturday at Slice of Amish, located at 401 College Street in Montgomery, the little cheese shop that could, hosted a Veterans Appreciation Event. And despite the closed down Saturday Farmers Market and the rain, a steady stream of Veterans dropped by for a free sandwich, a chat and fellowship with other Veterans and the SofA staff. It was truly a special event for the Veterans, along with music from a DJ, and several cadets from the Montgomery High School Marine Junior ROTC, who were on hand to demonstrate the proper folding of the American Flag.

“We appreciate that Slice of Amish put on the event for the Veterans here,” said Tanya Peacock, who was on hand with her husband Michael. Both are U.S. Army Veterans.

Several MHS Junior ROTC cadets, under Retired Marine Corps First Sergeant William Miller, demonstrated the 13 folds of the American Flag. The etiquette of the Flag dictates that every time an American flag is to be stored or presented during a ceremony, its handlers should fold it in half twice lengthwise; then starting with the end opposite the blue field, and make taut triangular folds. Handlers continue to fold the flag in triangles until the flag has formed a triangular “pillow” with the blue field showing on the outside. It’s a dignified way to treat the flag, and gives a powerful touch to patriotic ceremonies. This 13-fold procedure is performed by those who participate or witness a formal flag folding ceremony, whether it be on Flag Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans Day, or at a military funeral.

“We live in the neighborhood and already appreciate Slice of Amish,” said Vietnam Veteran J.K. Sherwood, who had walked over with his wife to have a brisket sandwich. Mr Sherwood, definitely knows about the 13 folds. The couple had just moved from Kingwood three months back.

There is meaning in the 13 folds. Please goto: and click on ‘Etiquette,’ then on ‘Folding the Flag,’ to learn about The American Flag, which is a representation of Our Country, Our People, and our devotion to Our Nation.

“It was phenomenal for what they do for Veterans,” said Coast Guard Veteran Kurt Lutzow speaking on the event. “The people who work at Slice of Amish are great, and their products are top notch. I love their cheese curds.”

General Manager Angie Miller, and Slice of Amish Owners Rollis and Barbara Johnson, were pleased with the turnout and thankful for the Service of Our Nation’s Veterans. They were appreciative of the stories shared, and Veterans getting to know each other, which was the original intention of the event. Slice of Amish provided brisket, pulled pork, turkey, and ham sandwiches, along with chips for The Veterans.

“We were thankful to see all the Vets with their families,“ said Slice of Amish General Manager Angie Miller. “And it was our pleasure to put on such a heartfelt event for those who served Our Country.”

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