Attorney General Ken Paxton Secures $2 Million in Refunds to Consumers Harmed by Internet Company’s Deceptive Trade Practices

By: Office of TX Attorney General Ken Paxton
| Published 06/19/2024


AUSTIN, TX -- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has secured a judgment against Nomad Internet which includes $2 million in refunds to customers harmed by the company’s unlawful and deceptive trade practices.

In April 2023, the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General sued Jessica Garza, her husband Homero “Josh” or “Jayden” Garza, and their company, Nomad Internet, for conducting a multi-million dollar scheme designed to deceive customers. Nomad Internet would acquire large quantities of SIM cards from legitimate wireless internet providers, reprogram those SIM cards to avoid detection, and then repackage the telecommunication equipment for resale to unsuspecting consumers.

The Garzas mispresented their relationship with the legitimate wireless internet providers, inducing consumers to purchase expensive monthly internet service plans. Upon detection of their unauthorized use, the legitimate wireless internet providers terminated the SIM cards, leaving consumers without internet access.

Nomad Internet and the owners have agreed to a settlement that requires them to pay $8 million in monetary relief along with $2 million in refunds to over 20,000 consumers. Further, the Garzas are permanently enjoined from advertising, selling, or leading any telecommunication or wireless data transmission services or telecommunication equipment without an authorized contractual agreement with a network or service provider to do so.

“This settlement ensures that the company will be deterred from any deceptive trade practices in the future. Fortunately, we were also able to return millions of dollars to harmed customers,” said Attorney General Paxton.

To read the agreement, click here.

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