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More than 18,000 enjoyed the Festival April 10 & 11 After a year of social isolation, thousands of art lovers anxious to mingle with artists and reconnect with friends in the community turned out for one of the most popular events in The Woodlands
Jenny Carattini-Wright
This year marks the 16th anniversary of The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, hosted by The Woodlands Arts Council.
Rachel Norton
Last Chance to Buy Discounted Tickets Online This weekend, April 10 & 11, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival returns LIVE AND IN-PERSON!!
Melissa N. D'Mello
Enjoy this Magical Evening In-Person or Virtually It’s almost time for one of the most eagerly anticipated events in The Woodlands – the Art Dash Party.
Melissa D'Mello
In honor of the ‘You are LOVED’ art bench installation, The Woodlands Art Council (TWAC) held an “Art Feel” event March 10 at Market Street.
Rachel Norton
Special Ticket Presale March 1 to 10 It’s a new year and the arts are alive and well in The Woodlands! It’s time to mark your calendars for one of the most exciting and colorful events of the year
Melissa N. D'Mello
ARTFEEL, our art appreciation initiative, returns to celebrate the vast collection of public artworks in The Woodlands.
The Woodlands Arts Council
Can art help to unify and heal our post-election community and our nation?
Jenny Carattini-Wright
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