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December 18, 2019
Chaz, Jarek, Mrs Jen and Mark embark on a pop culture filled journey through Movies, Comics, TV Show and more
The Adventure Begins
December 12, 2019
Events, Comics, Unboxing “Talisman”, ROKU, Parents Night out and MAIL CALL!
The Adventure Begins
November 27, 2019
Mark and Mrs Jen talk turkey, and more turkey, then Movies, Comics ending with an awesome phone interview with Matt Rosenberg
The Adventure Begins
November 14, 2019
Events, Comics, Unboxing 'Tapestry'..NFL Cards, Magic the Gathering, D&D and much more. Check out more at
The Adventure Begins
November 13, 2019
Sit back with Mark, Jen and Jarek as they go in-depth on Nerd News, Movies, TV shows, and Comics. The group continues on as Knights of Nerdom in a round table discussion on Streaming Services.
The Adventure Begins
October 30, 2019
Mrs Jen, Mark and Chaz dressed as Jarek. Best costume ever! Nerd News, Movies, pop culture and more.
The Adventure Begins
October 16, 2019
The gang is back! Mrs Jen, Mark and Chaz dive into Disney Plus, Movies, Pop Culture, Comics and More!
The Adventure Begins
October 09, 2019
Mark, Jen and Chaz campfire around this week in Pop Culture, News, Comics and of course Movies. like the Newest Joker staring Joaquin Phoenix
The Adventure Begins
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