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June 17, 2021
For, possibly, one night only MARK... joins Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy to dish out the week in Nerd News.
The Adventure Begins
June 10, 2021
Chaz is back! for at least one night only. Check out the Nerd News, Movies, TV, Shows, Comics and more NOW.
The Adventure Begins
June 02, 2021
Mrs Jen knows something more about music than Kyle, Brainy hops on late to join in on TV, Movies, Comics and More.
The Adventure Begins
May 26, 2021
Movies, check, tv, possible, shows, maybe, comics, of course. Find out some of the ins and outs of what has gone on for comic book shop owners and the ones who love them. As well as movie updates and pop culture news.
The Adventure Begins
May 19, 2021
Mrs Jen. Kyle and Brainy discuss industry chaos, but in a good way? Modak and maybe a companion and of course more...
The Adventure Begins
May 12, 2021
Paper size A or size B, it can make a difference. Movies, new comics and WAY more. OH and CAT BOMB!
The Adventure Begins
May 05, 2021
Sports Drama, Swarms of bugs, Churros and much more, on this Nerd News Now
The Adventure Begins
April 28, 2021
Mark, Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy talk action movies, Oscars, Comics and more on Nerd News Now.
The Adventure Begins
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