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February 19, 2020
Issues with SySy, bad sci-fi and Horror movies, Harley Quinn. A talk about the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and other video game movies. Can you guess the highest grossing world wide box office movie made from a video game.
The Adventure Begins
February 14, 2020
Events this week, Comics, A Special Mail Call and more
The Adventure Begins
February 12, 2020
Down to only 2 Nerds on this episode! The Oscars, a full break down of the movie Harley Quinn, I mean, Birds of Prey.. or rather Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey? New shows on Netflix, Locke & Key based on a graphic novel and of course comics
The Adventure Begins
February 06, 2020
New events for this week and upcoming events for this month. “Breaking News!”… 90’s nostalgia, Comics, TAB Talk, and more
The Adventure Begins
January 30, 2020
Starting off with the events for the week, then on to Comics, Then Learn to Play, Mail Call!, a special segment, THANK YOU! and more!
The Adventure Begins
January 29, 2020
Find out about Mrs Jen's road trip to San Diego in Virgil, to pick up 32,000 comics (no joke)... TV nostalgia, Comicpalooza CP365, Oscar nominated Movies, other movies and of course Comics.
The Adventure Begins
January 24, 2020
“The Return of Weiss Schwarz Teaser Trailer pt.1”. In this webisode we open a The Bam Box from Florida native Julie, demo Dungeon Mayhem, talk about our 1 year Anniversary Party and much more. We hope to see you all in store soon...
The Adventure Begins
January 16, 2020
Events, Comics, Unboxing, a SURPRISE and more!
The Adventure Begins
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