SCFL Superbowl Player of the Game - Senior Seahawks vs Senior Falcons - 11/4/17


The game for the senior league was not quite exciting as the performance of the juniors as the first quarter starts off with Luke Barr misses the pass for the Falcons. Neither the Falcons nor the Seahawks received any points during the first quarter.


Aedan Lewis brings enthusiasm to the crowd as he runs a 51 yard touchdown for the Falcons bringing the score 0 for the Seahawks 6 or the Falcons. Number 12, Jack Combrink hopes to make a touchdown for the Seahawks but runs out of bound. The game is tied as number 11 for the Seahawks, Tice Williams makes a touchdown and the field goal wrapping up the first half of the game 9-6.

The game remains 9-6 as both teams try to earn bragging rights. Both try to score more touchdowns but end up just scoring multiple downs.

Time is an enemy for the Falcons. Seahawks coach, Sammy Marcos calls a timeout to make sure he has the right players line set for the final 1:43 of the game. The night concludes as the score 9-6 remains making the Seahawks earn the title of champions for the senior SCFL Super Bowl.

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