The Adventure Begins Show S 4 Eps 22 'A Hellacious Episode'


THE WOODLANDS TX -- AB Season 4 Episode 22 "Super Saucy Episode" A show about a local North Houston TX hobby shop. Your Twisted Gorilla %15 off code: RNRnerd Gettin' Saucy w/ Chaz: Hot Sauce: Satan's Blood Wings provided by: Tapped Drafthouse & Kitchen - Conroe, TX Smoothies provided by: Raw Creations on FM 1488 Don't forget to send your pet pictures for the Pet of the Week to: Like, Share, comment, interact and remember kids, you’re Adventure Begins right here. #theadvebturebeginstx #whatsupnerds #thernrnerd #wheremynerdsat #whereisbill #counterspace #comicbooks #petoftheweek #marvelcrisisprotocol #counterspace

Tags: adventure begins, cards, comics, games, getting saucy

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