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And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.
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8:30 Am Worship Service

Join us for worship at 8:30am.

Boogie Bash-Moving Through Art

Boogie Bash on Tuesday, May 21 at 11am, presents “Moving Through Art”. We’re celebrating the world of art and color through songs and creative movement activities. #Dance #Movemen...

Robotics & Coding Summer Camp - Week 1 - Python - All Day - 5 day

Microcontroller Basics: Introduction to Arduino microcontrollers and their applications in robotics. Programming with Scratch: Learn to program Arduinos using Scratch, making lights blink, sounds pla...

Social Skills Support Groups

These weekly, on-going, social skills groups will focus on building developmentally appropriate skills-based exercises that will  help children who have learning differences, attentional issues and...

Tiny Tots Library Play Time

A Family Place Library weekly event. This come-and-go program at the Mitchell Library encourages play with educational toys and activities that target early literacy. Spend time together, play in a play...