Hubbell & Hudson Debuts Second Location

Published 11/30/2010


Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen opens at convenient spot on Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - On the eve of its two-year anniversary, Hubbell & Hudson opens a new concept store, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen at 4526 Research Forest Drive near Gosling Road. The 5,000 square-foot Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen is a convenient stop-in market and eatery with eat-in or take-home gourmet eats and drinks, as well as home and kitchen essentials.

"Thanks to this community, Hubbell & Hudson has flourished during tough economic conditions. Our customers have wrapped their arms around us and embraced our unique culinary concept and dedication to service. Both locations are food lovers' destinations," said Cary Attar, president and founder, Hubbell & Hudson. "You really have to experience the stores to understand the excitement."

Poised as a convenient stop-in market with an upscale flair, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen features a market with a line-up of groceries including organic produce, packaged and frozen foods, fresh pastas, dairy, snacks, fresh meats, 100 cheeses, more than 200 wines, 100 beers, kitchen essentials and household supplies. The majority of the products are supplied and or produced at Hubbell & Hudson's original market located at 24 Waterway Avenue.

"Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen will sell some of our flagship store's most popular items, alongside home and kitchen essentials like milk, butter and eggs," added Attar. "You can pop in for fill-in groceries; stay to dine, snack or drink; or select something for home from a sumptuous take-out menu. The choice and convenience are all yours."

Customers will find fresh items like fish or steaks that can be taken home to cook, or chef-grilled or steamed right in the store.

Dine-in or Take-Out
Call it fast casual with a gourmet twist, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen provides a variety of dining options to satisfy every customer's palate at any time of the day. Find in-store dining, ready-to-eat meals, made to order sandwiches, salads, breakfast foods, coffee and gelato.

"Grab your eats and head to the cozy outdoor patio with a fire place or stay in our amazing dining room. Whatever you do, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen is a place where you will feel at home," said Attar. "From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen is somewhere you can stay a while or grab and dash."

- Gourmet sandwiches
- 10 flatbreads
- 10 burgers, including angus, buffalo, salmon, veggie -- all made from scratch on artisan baked breads
- Four types of fries including signature sweet potato and truffle
- The ultimate cold food bar, with over 60 items
- A savory soup bar, featuring eight hot soups
- 100 cheeses
- 200 wines
- 100 beers
- Six tap beers that change constantly
- Wide variety of pastry and breads made fresh at Hubbell & Hudson each day

"Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen has the well-loved private label Hubbell & Hudson products in a quick-in, quick-out location," added Attar. "We have 'To-Go' parking where we can run out phone or Internet orders directly to our customers while they wait in their cars. It's about convenience, quality and above all, excellent food."

Hubbell & Hudson recently received the sought-after title of Retailer of the Year by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT). The coveted award was given to six retailers across the U.S. who selected nominated by members of the NASFT.

Directions and Parking
Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen is located at 4526 Research Forest Drive near Gosling Road in The Woodlands. Parking is plentiful and provides easy access. For more information, or to place and order, visit their Web site at the link below or call (281) 203-5650.

Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen Hours:
Open seven days a week.
6 am to 10 pm Sunday to Thursday
6 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday

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