Woodlands Man Fatally Stabbed in Apartment Complex

Published 01/08/2015


Laying in bed my fiance and I hear arguing outside when we get up to look out the window to see a man falling to the ground, as my fiance runs outside to help the man looks helpless with a lady ,a friend of his, standing over him. My fiance thinking 'oh he is just knocked out' tries to pick him up but with no luck ,the man being about 230lbs, he tried again with all his might to turn him over only to discover a small puddle of blood on the floor and on his shirt. When he lifts the man shirt the mans intestines fell out due to a stab wound right under his chest. I ran to get a towel and my fiance held pressure on his wound and coached this man named Eric to breathe and to not give up fighting. As the man tried his hardest to take breaths Rodney reassured him he was there. the paramedics came and still Rodney would not leave Erics side helping the paramedics. They took him away and he is fighting for his life, if it wasn't for Rodney he would have been pronounced dead on scene. Prayers for Eric and his family.

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