County Commissioners now spewing propaganda

Published 07/19/2015


Letter to the Editor:

A propaganda technique is an improper appeal to emotion used for the purpose of swaying the opinions of an audience. Our Montgomery County Commissioners, in their mode of never-ending collusion, have obviously adopted a classic propaganda tool to alibi their way out of a November 2015 bond issue that makes perfect sense. This technique is called “Glittering Generalities.” Voters need to recognize that their county judge, plus three elected commissioners and their cronies are now behaving like propagandists. By incorporating this propaganda method consistently into their statements and speaking with one rehearsed voice – using the exact same words and excuses – they are doubling down on their compulsion to get their hands on millions of unaccounted for tax dollars. Propagandists make vague, sweeping statements using language associated with values and beliefs deeply held by their audience without providing supporting information or reason. Let’s take a few of the charges they would have us believe:

• “There is too much misinformation out there.” Oh, really? What is the nature and refutation of the “misinformation” that stopped you dead in your tracks? The way to stop “misinformation” is to tell the truth, not refuse to discuss it in a public forum or in an election campaign open to all registered voters and the media.

• “The commissioners (need time) to do damage control.” That opportunity passed in May 2015 when they had a chance to remove Woodlands Parkway, road maintenance, and other pork projects and still be left with more than $200 million in bonds to start their “high priority projects.” We should be seeing the start of construction for many of their “vital” projects, not facing another questionable bond issue in November 2016.

• “The public and media didn’t get (the commissioners) story out there.” The record is bulging with specific examples of bond stories and appeals by committee chairperson Nelda Blair, several Mayors, a fake tea party pocketing thousands of self-serving lobbying dollars, and even illegal advocating by the commissioners. Their “story” was told in pages and hours of in-depth and expensive professional communications with dated news and columns, slick videos, community forums, television interviews, several pro-bond web sites, two PACs, letters to the editor, You Tube video, dedicated social media, personal appeals, annoying robo calls, huge signage on our highways, even sign language with thumbs up hand signals. The only thing missing was airplane sky writing.

• Township chairman Bruce Tough has now surreptitiously rejoined the commissioners with another “Glittering Generality,” by saying “Some of these groups are against government.” What does that mean – 16,220 people who voted against the bond are against good government? Is there an insurrection in the streets of The Woodlands or is that just Jade Helm exercising?

The commissioners “Glittering Generality” statement is totally false and absurd. The public heard their story and then spoke their answer – “No, thank you” – 57 percent to 42 percent. The next call for action, and to begin the healing process for a rapidly-growing metropolitan county that they tried to divide, does not require, nor should it tolerate, its commissioners stalling, pouting, or spewing propaganda. The voters want the commissioners to “Bring Back Better Bonds” this November 2015!

Paul Lazzaro

The Woodlands

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