Township campaign sinks to sexist attack: New Facebook site defends mommies

By: Paul Lazzaro
| Published 10/14/2015


MOMMY and Township Candidate Laura Fillault Responds to a posting on Bruce Tough's Facebook wall from Sexist Supporter:

“I am proud to be the mother of two wonderful children who will be leaders in their own right. I earned my Industrial Engineering degree from Texas A&M University. I worked at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, helping them reengineer their drug development process from discovery to market, Bell Atlantic, helping them determine how they were going to fulfill the NYPUC requirement for local number portability, the Australian Tax Office in Canberra, Australia, helping them build the process for the legislated “Pay as you go” system and ExxonMobil, where I helped reengineer several different internal process. These are just my more well known clients. I lived in France, passed my French driver’s license test and learned conversational French. Oui, je parle francais. I am a political commentator for NRA News and I write on national and state level politics for various online publications. I advocated for The Woodlands Township against the Woodlands Parkway extension from the moment I heard about it. I spoke at Commissioner’s Court, at the Township and at various forums. I am far from just a “full-time mommy” but I do wear my “Mom” badge proudly.”

Fellow Candidate John McMullan defends Laura Fillault and all Women:

“Ron Saikowski, you went on Facebook and called Laura Fillault for Township, a woman with an engineering degree and an impressive resume, unqualified to serve on the Township Board because she is a “full time mommy.” You then called one of her supporters (also a woman) naïve and stupid. In light of your sexist comments and extraordinarily poor judgment, I will not engage in a prolonged back-and-forth with you.

New pro-Mommies Web Site:

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