Montgomery County Community Foundation accepting grant applications

By: Montgomery County Community Foundation
| Published 07/10/2018


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Montgomery County Community Foundation is now accepting grant applications from local nonprofits. The deadline for the request for funds is September 15, 2018. Organizations applying must be a nonprofit and submit documents such as information about their board of directors, most recent IRS Form 990, most recent financial statements, agency budget, and project/program budget. Funds received from MCCF must be used in Montgomery County for Montgomery County residents.

Grant funding is provided from the interest earned on existing endowment funds and cover a wide range of interests. Several funds target the neediest in the community. Two new funds this year have very different focuses; one is about fostering hope for the abused and neglected while the other addresses animal welfare. Other funds focus on children, senior adults, health care and prevention, heritage preservation, and education. A few funds are unrestricted. For more information about what funding opportunities are available, go to the MCCF website,

Organizations seeking funds must also provide details about the project for which they are requesting funds. Questions to be answered include what the organization hopes to accomplish, how they plan to reach their goal, what community need will be addressed, who is the target population, what geographic area will be seved, and how many people will be served by the project. Grants from MCCF may be a portion of the total project cost. Download the grant application at the Grant Application tab at

Montgomery County Community Foundation’s embraces the future by creating legacies that improve the quality of life through support of non-profits serving Montgomery County and scholarships. To find out more about MCCF, go to or call Julie Martineau at 281-367-8158.

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