Salt Remedy Joins Roster at PR Marketing, LLC

By: Monette Smith
| Published 02/15/2019


THE WOODLANDS, Texas— PR Marketing, LLC is thrilled to introduce Salt Remedy, the first dry salt therapy room in the North Houston area which has been serving the community for more than three years. The innovative salt therapy spa is a relaxing wellness therapy oasis. Each room is equipped with a halogenerator which infuses medical-grade salt particles into the air, promoting respiratory health.

Salt Remedy provides a luxurious setting where guests can meditate, relax, nap, or just take a little personal time. In addition to helping improve allergies, respiratory, stress, mood, sleep, snoring, vocal cord stress, sports aliments and other conditions, salt therapy has also been used as a tool in treating certain skin conditions.

“Salt Remedy has been the area’s best kept secret but not anymore,” Monette Smith, PR Marketing, LLC owner said. “Everyone needs to detoxify, and now more than ever we have to become our own healthcare advocates. Plus it’s even better if you can take a break in a soothing environment while improving your health. We’re so excited to be a part of the new revolution.”

To learn more about Salt Remedy contact PR Marketing, LLC.

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