Debbie Bloyd, of DLB Financial Services, covering the bases of financial needs

By: Brynn Rader, Woodlands Online
| Published 02/20/2019


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Debbie Bloyd is one busy Texas businesswoman who wears many hats. You may find her in Dallas, The Woodlands, Georgetown, College Station, San Antonio or even Florida. Assisting with mortgage, insurance, real estate and financial advisory needs, Bloyd enjoys making complex financial matters simpler for others.

As a teenager Bloyd found herself helping her recently-divorced mother with big financial decisions. This experience made quite an impression on Bloyd, who thereafter found herself drawn to this line of work. Bloyd said, “What I found was I did pretty well at managing people’s money and helping with some of their big stressors. And I think that was kind of what my draw was.” Now as a mortgage broker with 22 years of experience, Bloyd is still helping others with financing.

Bloyd operates DLB Mortgage Services and DLB Financial Services. Bloyd said, “I am a Certified Senior Advisor as well; that means that I have a special emphasis on seniors and their unique needs. I have also had an insurance license since 1999 and still help clients with property, casualty, and life and health insurance needs. I handle a bunch of long-term care policies for individuals when I help them with their retirement needs. I also have been licensed to do reverse mortgages since Texas allowed them over 15 years ago. All these licenses allow me to give clients help in all of their retirement needs.”

To better serve her clients, Bloyd ventured out on her own as a mortgage broker. “As part of a bigger company ... I could only do the loans that the company or bank allowed. There are so many needs out there, and as a broker, I don't have to turn down any loan. I get to get the best rates as well,” Bloyd said.

“I handle all types of loans: conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and one time closes, even little-heard-of loans, like bank statement loans, for those that are self-employed,” said Bloyd.

Offering insightful advice, Bloyd said, “Credit is everything. Don't go to a company to fix it. Go to a mortgage person like me. We know how to do it. If you use a company, you are telling your credit that you can't handle debt, and you will be penalized for it. Once you enroll in those programs, you are admitting you can't handle debt, and your potential lenders do not get you pre-approved that way.”

Nationwide mortgage rates are on the increase. If you are considering the purchase of a home, Bloyd agrees with others in the industry regarding the ideal timing. Bloyd said, “Mortgage rates are rising, and yes, they will continue … Rates are on the way up. Our economy is doing great, but it will start to slow down a bit. Now is a great time to purchase a home. Interest rates will not go lower, and land prices are always going up. So yes, buy now!”

Although now living in College Station, Bloyd said, “I love being a part of The Woodlands community because it is just that, a real community. Everyone can get to know their neighbors and do business together. That is a community. Sharing and worshiping together is everything!”

In addition to educating people about finances, Bloyd appreciates attending church as well as a good game of golf. “I play golf, when I can, for fundraisers,” said Bloyd.

“I love being a mom,” said Bloyd who has two children. “Since they will both be out of the house, I now just 'mom' my clients, and I love that!”

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