Shenandoah Police Blotter for March 31 - April 6, 2019

By: Shenandoah PD
| Published 04/12/2019


Police Blotter for March 31- April 6
City of Shenandoah Police Calls and Activity

Assault - Provocative Nature Misdemeanor Class C - 500 block of Rosewood – Male arrested - Arrest Report.
Fraud - Use of Identifying Information for Identity Theft – 19400 block of David Memorial – Under investigation.
DWI/Possession of Controlled Substance – 19100 block of IH45 – An attempt to locate resulted in the arrest of a 35-year-old male for Felony DWI (3rd offense or more) and Possession of Controlled Substances charges - Arrest Report.
Prescription Fraud/Possession of Controlled Substance – Prescription Fraud ring discovered in 100 block of Vision Park Boulevard that was being perpetrated by employees of local physicians – Multiple locations and reports - Major Crimes investigation ongoing.
Theft – 19000 block of IH-45 – Purse stolen by female - Under investigation.
Criminal Mischief – 19000 block of IH-45 – A male threw a beer bottle at a restaurant window causing the window to shatter - Under investigation.
Prescription Fraud – 19200 block of IH-45 – male arrested for Prescription Fraud at pharmacy which initiated major crimes investigation at local physician offices - Arrest Report.
Theft – 17900 block of IH45 – Unknown male and unknown female suspects stole merchandise and fled the scene - Under investigation.
Interfering with Public Servant – 18100 block of IH-45 – Male arrested when he interfered with officers attempting to remove a wrecked vehicle (traffic hazard) from roadway - Arrest Report.
Disturbance/Assault – 18000 block of IH-45 – Officers investigated a reported disturbance where a male was striking an unknown person in the back of a van - District Attorney refused prosecution - Information Report.
Theft – 19000 block of IH-45 - A 35-year-old identified female stole purses and discarded the merchandise when stopped by loss prevention; the suspect left the scene before officers could arrive - Under investigation.
Theft – 19000 block of IH-45 - Two males, aged 31 and 40, arrested for stealing tools - Arrest Report.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery - 19000 block of IH-45 - Parked and unoccupied stolen vehicle out of Harris County recovered by Shenandoah Police - Under investigation.
Aggravated Robbery - 200 block of David Vetter - Two 17-year-old males and two male juveniles involved in aggravated robbery at local hotel where an employee was pistol whipped. The employee suffered only minor injury. The group committed two additional aggravated robberies in Montgomery County and Conroe. The four suspects were captured,attempting to make their escape back to the Houston area, by Shenandoah Police - Arrest Report.

Significant Outside Agency Calls
Burglary of Building – Subway burglarized in District 6 off Sawdust Road.
Suicide with Weapon – Occurred in south county where a male committed suicide with a firearm.
Burglary of Motor Vehicle – Occurred on Chapel Hill- Homeowner walked out of his residence and observed suspects burglarizing his vehicle.
Barricaded Suspect - SWAT call out on Belmar Road - Vague details.

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