Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab Receives Prestigious Accreditation

By: Scott Spencer
| Published 04/12/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - On Tuesday April 9, 2019 the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab was commended by the Commissioner’s Court for their accreditation by the American National Standards Institute - National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The unit was challenged with the preparation of accreditation assessment, and the on-site inspection of the Crime Lab and their procedures. ANAB deployed two assessors to the
Crime Lab to conduct their extensive inspection. This was a combined surveillance assessment in Firearms,
and a scope extension in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. On March 4, 2019, the ISO/IEC 17020 surveillance
assessment and scope extension of the Montgomery County Sheriff s Office Crime Lab was successfully
completed, and accreditation was given by the ANAB. John Yoshida, the Lead ANAB Assessor,
commented in the closing meeting, that this was truly a 'team effort' and the entire staff should be

Concurrently with this accreditation assessment, Crime Lab personnel were also challenged with four
complex trials that required many hours of preparation, and court room testimony which greatly assisted in
the successful prosecution of each case. All four trials hinged on Forensic Testimony provided by the Crime
Lab staff, which allowed the jurors to make their decision.

In a resolution read during Tuesday’s Commissioner’s Court proceedings, Sheriff Rand Henderson
respectfully asked the Commissioner’s Court to congratulate and commend the Montgomery County
Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab for their accomplishments, dedication to excellence, and service to our
community. The resolution was unanimously passed by the Commissioner’s Court. County Judge Mark
Keough personally congratulated Crime Lab personnel, and thanked them for “Such a great job.”

Sheriff Henderson said “I am so very proud of the hard work and dedication of the employees of the
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab. This recognition is a true testament to your
professionalism and commitment to your trade. You make us all proud!”

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