Commissioner Noack seeks help from elected officials, department heads to lower tax rate

By: Cody Grimes
| Published 04/14/2019


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX-- Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack issued a memo on Friday to Montgomery County elected officials and department heads requesting they work with the budget officer on eliminating excess expenses, ultimately, lowering the property tax rate for fiscal year 2020.

Commissioner Noack stated in the memo that as elected officials and department heads begin the process of evaluating their budget requests, it is important to identify expenses that can be eliminated, efficiencies that can be recognized to lower costs, excess dollars in all line items from prior years that can be eliminated, and to justify any requests for budget increases.

Commissioner Noack stated his goal for fiscal year 2020 is to reduce the budget and tax rate because residents of Montgomery County are looking to Commissioners Court to lessen their property tax burden.

“I understand I am just one vote,” Commissioner Noack said. “However, I am asking for your help to do our part to lower expenditures and the tax rate. I have identified several ways in which we can accomplish this goal, and together I know we can do this.”

Budget workshops will begin Tuesday, July 30, following the regular session of Commissioners Court.


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