YMCA Offers Free Teen Membership for 9th Graders

By: Roxanne Davis
| Published 05/21/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX - The Greater Houston Area YMCA is proud to offer free YMCA Summer Membership for incoming 9th graders. Memberships will be valid June 10 - August 31. Start your epic summer with us!

Incoming 9th graders will enjoy:
- Citywide member ship privileges giving you 26 locations to visit throughout Houston.
- Unlimited group exercise classes, swimming, basketball and more.
- Connections with old friends and new.

- Fun social events every month.
- A coupon for $400 off a week at YMCA Camp Cullen.
- Opportunities for leadership development and service learning.

This offer is valid for non-YMCA members only. School ID is required.

The Y's Commitment to America is grounded in the belief that if we can deepen and broaden our impact with young people, they will create positive change in their communities, today and in the future. It acknowledges that every great social movement, including our own, has been led by young people. The commitment directly addresses:

- Our county's changing demographics, specifically that by 2030, the majority of people will be between the ages of 18 and 35, and our population will be more culturally and ethically diverse than ever.
- Current community challenges, including greater ideological divides, growing economic equality, all-time low levels of trust in institutions and other people, and increasing social isolation.
- Adverse effects of those challenges and other social facotrs of youth, including continuing downward trends in their health and well-being, 15 million children living om poverty, and 5 million young people ages 16-24 being 'disconnected,' meaning are not in school or working.

Our shared commitment:

We commit to developing new generations of changemakers who will create communities we all want to live in.

These are young people who will help transform communities by:

- Influencing systems change
- Bridging social divides
- Giving back to their communities and others

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