For 22 years, Bertini's has been the home of luxury car repair in The Woodlands

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 06/13/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- In 1997, Tiger Woods won his first Masters Golf Tournament. In 2019, he won his fifth Masters Tournament. “Men in Black” hit the theaters for the first time during the summer of ‘97. 22 years later, “Men in Black: International”, the fourth installment of the film series, releases tomorrow, June 14. To be successful for over 20 years requires hard work and a commitment to doing things the right way. That is why John McIntyre and Bertini’s European Service Center have been an important part of The Woodlands community since 1997.

Today, the name Bertini’s is synonymous in The Woodlands with foreign car service. Members of the community know the Mercedes, BMW, Mini, and Volvo specialists will provide premium service and repair. However, when John and former owner Steve Bertini first opened their shop right off I-45, many of their calls were from people looking for a different type of European service.

“When we first opened, we would get calls saying ‘hey, I’ve got a party of five, we’d like some Italian food,’” said McIntyre. “I was always telling them, well you’re going to have to call Carrabba’s or something because we fix cars.”

John McIntyre and his team have been able to create great relationships with their customers. In online reviews and word of mouth out in the community, many people speak about how Bertini’s ability to form personal relationships with each customer is a reason why Bertini’s is the only auto repair center they trust with their foreign cars. For McIntyre, being on the same page with each customer for every step of the repair is a major reason why Bertini’s is so respected in The Woodlands area.

“Like most relationships, a lot of problems can be avoided with clear communication,” said McIntyre. “We always go over needed repairs in detail and no work is performed without the customer's knowledge and permission.”

As a European auto repair center, Bertini’s services six foreign brands. Mercedes, BMW, and Mini are the center’s most popular repairs and while Volvo is typically a smaller part of their business, McIntyre has always made sure to service the Swedish car brand. As for Lexus, Bertini’s does service them, but generally as a service to customers who also own Mercedes or BMW vehicles. Audi makes up the sixth brand that Bertini’s works with. The European service center recently announced the addition of the German automobile to their list after a rise in customer interest.

As for now, those six will be Bertini’s focus as the repair center has no plans to continue service expansion at this time. “I believe to consider yourself a specialist you need to actually specialize in a limited number of brands,” said McIntyre.

As for the specific repair services, Bertini’s offers just about everything and more. Customers can bring their vehicles to solve any issue inside and out of the car. Anything from air conditioning, brakes, fuel systems, transmission, and so much more. If there was one service that deserves to be highlighted, it would be their pre-purchase inspection.

“A pre-purchase inspection, if you are considering a pre-owned vehicle purchase, is money well spent,” said McIntyre. “Just about any competent detailer can make any car shiny and make it seem like a nice car. It is a terrible feeling to spend all that money for that BMW you always wanted, only to find out 3 months later it needs several important repairs to be made, or worse yet has a salvage title.”

Along with the inspections, Bertini’s also provides local shuttle services and a 24/7 tow service.

Bertini’s has been able to make customers feel like family for 22 years. In part because of great service, but also because of the compassion they have always shown to The Woodlands area.

“Right after Katrina, we had several folks come through town just trying to get to a place to stay and ending up with car trouble,” said McIntyre. “We did what we could for them and didn't charge anybody. It was a small thing, but the gratitude received from those folks was priceless. We have been to weddings of our customers and sadly, funerals as well. We were also involved with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation raising money for research.”

A lot goes into sustaining success over a long period of time. For John and Bertini’s, it all comes down to a simple gameplan: “communicate with the customer, charge a fair price, and stand behind what we do.”

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