Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Identifies Victim and Charges Suspect in Spring Shooting

By: Lieutenant Scott Spencer
| Published 09/26/2019


THE WOODLANDS,TX -- Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office believe that the shooting incident at 810 Rayford Road was an accidental shooting. Detectives identified the deceased victim as 17 year old Romaz Craddock and the arrested as 17 year old Justice Forney who is step-brother to Romaz Craddock. When questioned Justice Forney cooperated with Detectives and evidence along with eye witness testimony indicates this was an accidental shooting. Justice Forney was charged with tampering with evidence due to him discarding the firearm in a nearby dumpster after the shooting. The firearm used did not belong to the homeowner and was brought to the residence by Justice Forney. Detectives determined the firearm was reported stolen through the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and are currently working with Harris County Sheriff’s Office on the recovery of the firearm.

The case will be referred to a Montgomery County Grand Jury when completed.

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