MoCo Dems Overruled, Noack Case to be Heard on January 14

By: Allen Blakemore
| Published 12/20/2019


CONROE, TX – Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct 3, James Noack’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order against the Democratic Party Chair Marc Meyer was heard today by visiting Senior District Court Judge John Delaney from Brazos County. Noack campaign spokesman Allen Blakemore offered the following statement:

“We were pleased with the hearing today in front of Judge Delaney. The hearing opened with the Judge overruling Meyer’s claim that the court lacked jurisdiction. It didn’t get any better for the Democrats after that.

“Wary that his comments were in open court and on the record, arguments from Meyer never once controverted our claim that candidate Jones’ filing was not properly made before 6:00pm.

“Judge Delaney’s finding today hinged on the nature of eminent harm being suffered by Noack. In denying the Temporary Restraining Order he indicated that there was sufficient time to conduct a fact hearing and provide Noack relief in the form of a Temporary and Permanent Injunction. He set a date for the parties to return to court on Friday, January 14.

“We are pleased with the outcome today and look forward to laying out the facts and presenting witnesses when we return to court on January 14.”

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