Lovebeans Coffeehouse; Caffeine with a Purpose

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 12/27/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Lovebeans Coffeehouse serves more than just coffee – it serves those in need. Located at 8522 Creekside Forest Drive, the coffeehouse was made with the intention to aid charity organizations and local community members.

Owner and, “Chief Love Officer,” Beth Ferester has been a leading realtor in the Houston Area for the last 37 years. When an office space opened up directly next to her realty business she decided it was the perfect opportunity to give back to the community that has given her so much. “We’ve been blessed here so it’s time we pay for some of our blessings,” she said.

One way in which this focus will be achieved is through the development of a fund. Money from this fund will be on hand for unique needs that arise within the lives of community members. When an emergency occurs, the fund will instantly be available to alleviate the resident’s expenses.

A majority of this fund will be raised through profit sharing Lovebeans merchandise. This includes their cookbooks, t-shirts and hats, and a chocolate spread that they make, which is both gluten and dairy free, and has no soy or refined sugars.

The coffeehouse offers a variety of food all locally sourced. There are muffins from Wheel Kitchen, empanadas from Rustica’s, fresh juices provided daily by Zo-Zo Fresh, and plenty of tasty dishes made by gourmet chef Wayne Schilleci, such as chicken salad, soups and bierocks (pocket sandwiches).

Their coffee beans are mainly harvested in South America. They carry a blend from Amaya Roasting Company in Houston, which is their bestseller. The baristas also came up with a brown sugar maple bourbon coffee drink for the holidays that is such a crowd favorite they might sell it all year round.

Ferester succeeded in her goal of creating an atmosphere in which people can enjoy themselves; where they can come in and play cards, work from their computers, visit with friends, and host special events.

She plans to host bridal showers, baby showers, and more. Charity events are of course at the center of the company’s purpose. She hopes to put on fun happenings such as a latte art class or high tea, in which all of the proceeds go to a specific organization. The company’s outreach will help multiple nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity, The Montgomery County Women’s Shelter, and Inspiration Ranch, to name a few.

Lovebeans Coffeehouse has only been open for two months, so they are currently building toward these goals. With support from the community they will able to turn their philanthropic aspirations into a reality.

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