Lovebeans Coffeehouse Monthly Market Supports Local Charities and Businesses in The Woodlands Area

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 03/02/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — Lovebeans Coffeehouse serves more than just coffee – it serves those in need. Located at 8522 Creekside Forest Drive, the coffeehouse was made with the intention to aid charity organizations and local community members.

Each month, Lovebeans chooses a local charity to donate to. All of the profits they receive from selling their merchandise is gifted to that nonprofit. Their Charity of the Month for March is Inspiration Ranch.

Inspiration Ranch exists to strengthen children, youth, and adults striving to overcome their physical, emotional, and social disabilities with Therapeutic Riding and equine-assisted therapy and activities. Each week nearly 70 special needs children and youth ride in their Therapeutic Riding Program to physically and emotionally strengthen their core muscles, improve their walking, and elevate their ability to communicate. Through their Mental Health Program, they reach people that have suffered severe emotional trauma. It’s here, on their 40-acre ranch, that they help them learn new boundaries, skills and overcome obstacles.

In an effort to raise money for the charity, as well as support local vendors and businesses, Lovebeans hosts a Monthly Market for the community.

“We just want to help the community,” said Owner Beth Ferester. “I want to do good for the community to make it a better place to live, and I'm so grateful that I can do it.” she said.

This month’s market is Saturday, March 6 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside of their shop.

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Visit for further information on their wonderful and worthy cause.

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