Woodlands Online Grows Audience in 2019 and Looks Forward to 2020

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 01/28/2020

Woodlands Online - The Woodlands, Tx

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Digital Texas, the leading digital media company in The Woodlands, Texas area since 1996, announced today that its audience grew substantially in 2019 on its website, Woodlands Online, and across all of its social media platforms. The company is expecting audience growth to advance further in 2020 as the past year’s initiatives continue to increase user engagement, and new projects are launched.

'Seeing the positive results of last year’s efforts has us all excited to see what 2020 will produce.'

WoodlandsOnline.com’s tracked audience, often referred to as unique users or visitors, increased over 22 percent in 2019 to over 1.5 million users. Google Analytics recorded over 23.6 million page views from more than 3.5 million site visits, with users exceeding an average of 6 pages per visit. Woodlands Online’s Facebook followers grew by more than 12 percent in 2019, and its Instagram following grew over 33 percent. More information can be viewed on our Media Kit.

With the largest digital audience of any South Montgomery County media company, Digital Texas looks forward to leveraging its reach in 2020. “While we were very pleased with last year’s results, we are really excited about 2020,” said News Editor Rachel Norton. “We matured many aspects of our site last year, and we have more new things to bring to our community this year. Seeing the positive results of last year’s efforts has us all excited to see what 2020 will produce.”

The creation of many new video shows was one of the various factors that helped grow the audience last year. These entertaining segments cover local restaurants, home information, health services, music, games, and more. Video show viewership continues to grow as residents become familiar with the new productions. Woodlands Online also launched a Roku channel late last year that already includes over 300 videos and on-demand broadcasts of local sporting events.

“We have other exciting projects scheduled for this year. Plans for new shows are in the works” said Video Production and Broadcast Manager Justin Woods. “And our new Podcast Channel will launch in February. This company has pioneered hyperlocal digital media since the early days of the web and it hasn’t stopped in the many years I’ve been working here.”

“The influence of the written word is still undeniable,” Rachel noted. “We took our coverage of community news and events to another level last year and that will continue this year! No one locally covers events like we do, with event listings, stories, photos and even videos presented across all of our platforms. The appreciation we receive while attending local events really motivates us to do our best, and that hard work is reflected through our numbers. We enjoy working with such a wonderful community.”

Woodlands Online’s social media audience grew along with the website. Sales representative Dylan Glickman, who studied social media at The Ohio State University, stated, “at school we were taught that in the age of bots and purchased followers, social media interaction and engagement is the most important metric as opposed to follower amount.” Sports Director JD Hurd II added, “We're seeing tweets with as many as 10,000 plus engagements. Using social media at games, as they happen, allows everyone to enjoy our coverage even more,” he said. “During the fall sports season we gained a substantial number of followers each month. And our feeds are also presented on our website for those that don’t interact on social media. We are looking forward to doing even better this year!”

The company’s sales team is constantly trained in progressive ways to promote our advertisers. “Being in sales, our ability to promote our client’s brand and bring awareness to their products, services, and events is the most important part of our job,” said Salesperson Ben Hobgood. “These stats substantiate our incredible local reach, while our internal site stats allow us to monitor the progress of client campaigns in real time. Credit goes to our production team for such a great year!”

Woodlands Online client, Larry L Deckerhoff, AVP of Tech Mahindra concurs. “Woodlands Online’s public relations tools are industry leaders. In 2019, they publicized Tech Mahindra’s footprint in The Woodlands Area and parts of Greater Houston. Their coverage of our Lunch Forum Series helped us reach into business sectors such as oil, gas, utilities, and life sciences. Woodlands Online was a catalyst for creating new customers, expanding business, revenue, and sales. Several new pursuits resulted from their premier promotion of our business ventures. As a result of the success we’ve experienced, Tech Mahindra will continue to work with Woodlands Online’s marketing team throughout 2020 and beyond.”

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