City of Shenandoah Closes Municipal Building to the Public

By: Debbie Pilcher
| Published 03/24/2020


SHENANDOAH, TX - The City of Shenandoah municipal offices will be closed to the public at the end of business Tuesday, March 24, for an indefinite time.

City officials are taking the precaution of closing the offices to the general public at this time as the number of COVID-19 cases rises in Montgomery County. The majority of the staff will still be working at the building during this time. This will simply limit their contact with the public and ensure their health and safety as much as possible. Staff will still be available by phone or email. If there is something that requires personal contact with an employee, an appointment will be made.

Starting with the April 8 meeting, Council will meet at City Hall, but the meeting will be closed to the public and non-essential staff. Instead, a phone number will be available for any public comments or questions during the two citizen forum times. As usual, following the meeting, the Communications Department will issue an update of the meeting on the city’s website and social media sites as well as through the website subscription services.

The City will continue to provide information and updates to our residents in many formats using whatever methods will keep our staff and community as safe as possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact city staff at 281.298.5522. For police matters, contact the non-emergency number at 281-367-8952.

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