Montgomery County Precinct 3 Accomplishes Major Infrastructure Improvements, Fast-Tracks Road Projects During COVID-19 Shutdown

By: Commissioner James Noack
| Published 05/18/2020


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack has completed a number of improvements to Precinct 3 facilities while expediting projects on Lake Woodlands Drive and Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road at I-45 over the past two months. Commissioner Noack also plans for another major road project on the east side of I-45 to go out to bid soon.

South County Community Center:
Commissioner Noack is excited for residents to see the revamped parking lot at the South County Community Center and South Regional Library. Improvements include:

• Parking lot overlaid with asphalt, creating a smoother drive for visitors.
• All new LED, eco-friendly lighting system that brightens the parking lot.
• 1,600 gallon plants and 60 new trees were installed.
• The parking lot was completely redesigned and restriped and there are now 177 regular parking spaces, 16 handicap spaces and three staff spaces on the side of the building.
• Repainted and power-washed the Community Center.
• New bike rack out front of the center.
• New furniture inside entrance to the center.

Recycling and HHW Facility:
The facility was resurfaced with asphalt, which will help improve drainage and create a smooth driving area for all visitors. We reconfigured the layout of the facility to make it safer, more efficient and easier to enter and exit. We also installed new LED lights underneath the recycling pavilion as well as in the HHW building. Please pay attention to the new lanes, signage, and, most importantly, remember to stay in your vehicle while staff unloads your items.

Some aesthetic improvements include new paint on the bailers and the main pavilion, and new gutters for drainage.

Commissioner Noack plans to restripe the facility in a few weeks after testing the new traffic pattern. Please be mindful of the signage and traffic cones as you drive through the center.

Road Project Updates
Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road at I-45 Project

Project scope: This project will improve signalization and traffic movement entering and exiting the I-45 frontage roads at Woodlands Parkway and Robinson Road. It includes the reconfiguration of the cloverleaf at the I-45 frontage roads and addition of traffic signals. Robinson Road also will be widened to four lanes from 350 west of the intersection with Patsy Lane/Westwood Road to 550 east of the intersection. The project started in early March and should be completed before the end of the year.

Current work: The contractor has almost completed all drainage and pavement widening work east of Patsy/Westwood. Through traffic should reopen early this week. Widening work will continue on the east side of the Robinson Road-Patsy Lane/Westwood intersection. Signalization and I-45 access workwill follow.

Lake Woodlands Widening Project

Project scope: The project calls for the widening of Lake Woodlands Drive from Interstate 45 to Six Pines, including an additional through lane in each direction and improved turn lane movements at intersections. The project started in mid-April and is expected to be completed by early fall.

Current Work: Contractor Main Lane has made good progress on lane widening and will be placing stamped concrete to match existing locations in the coming weeks. Improvements at the Pinecroft Center/Mall intersection nearest I-45 are scheduled to start this week.

Striping Improvements
In the past couple of months, these roads have been restriped:

- West Panther Creek Drive (from Woodlands Parkway to Lake Woodlands Drive)
- Interfaith Way (from West Panther Creek to East Panther Creek)
- Budde Road (from Sawdust Road to Nursery Road)
- Sterling Ridge Drive (from Lake Woodlands Drive to Branch Crossing Drive)
- Terramont Drive (from Woodlands Parkway to Branch Crossing Drive)
- Branch Crossing Drive (from Woodlands Parkway to Research Forest Drive), in partnership with Precinct 2
- Aldine Westfield (from Northridge Forest Drive to Kendal Ridge Lane)

More restriping projects across the precinct will continue.

Major asphalt overlay projects and repairs
These roads have recently undergone asphalt overlays and/or full-depth repairs:

- East Benders Landing (between Lexington and West Benders Landing)
- Waterbend Cove (between West Benders Landing and East Benders Landing)
- West Benders Landing (between Lexington and Loma)
- Lexington (between Buena Way and East Benders Landing)

More asphalt road repair/overlay projects across the precinct will continue.

Crack seal projects
These roads have recently been crack sealed:

- West Panther Creek (from Woodlands Parkway to Lake Woodlands Drive) – Completed
- Gosling Road (from Texas 242 to the Spring Creek Bridge), in partnership with Precinct 2 – In progress

More crack seal projects across the precinct will continue.

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