Play Safe Turf & Track committed to providing the best service in the industry

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 05/29/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- “We provide the best quality product and installations in the artificial turf industry.” Those confident words are from Bryan Humiston, who owns Play Safe Turf & Track alongside his wife, Jill. When you visit their website, you’ll understand why they are so confident in their abilities to provide the best service in the industry.

Play Safe Turf & Track came to life 17 years ago when Bryan and Jill decided to fill the need for “an installation company with integrity that put the customers’ needs first.” Jill’s business expertise and Bryan’s 30-plus years of experience in sports field installations have allowed them to create a company that reaches nationwide.

The Humiston’s have family and a home here in The Woodlands area and, “feel the need to expand into landscape turf in this area as there is a great demand for a company that can provide a quality product with quality installers.”

With a track record of success across the country and even internationally, Bryan and Jill see an opportunity to focus on providing their high-quality products and second to none customer service here in Texas. Play Safe Turf & Track has worked with top universities like Baylor, the University of Texas, and Texas Tech. They’ve also done installations at high schools such as Kinkaid School.

Sports fields are just a part of what Play Safe Turf & Track can do for its customers. Residential and commercial landscaping is another area this team with over 120 years of install and repair experience excels in. Places like Central Park in New York and the Wynn Casino in Boston have benefited from the work of Play Safe Turf & Track.

If you’re a fan of sports at any level, chances are you’ve seen the work of Play Safe Turf & Track. Bryan and Jill’s company has installed and repaired fields for the NFL and/or MLB facilities in New York, Indianapolis, Green Bay, and New Orleans. Play Safe Turf & Track has done work for colleges across the country. From Ivy League schools all the way to west coast schools like UCLA and Hawaii.

Play Safe Turf & Track can provide a quality product because they only work with the best materials and equipment. Their products are 100% American made. As direct buyers and being family-owned, Play Safe Turf & Track keeps your price down with minimal overhead, making your next install or repair high quality, but not high priced.

Play Safe Turf & Track even sanitizes turf so you can ensure your safety as we continue to deal with the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Bryan and Jill Humiston see a need to provide the people of the Woodlands and surrounding areas with the service they deserve. The company strives to provide the best products and services while displaying professionalism and integrity to each and every customer.

To learn more about Play Safe Turf & Track, contact them at (936)-270-0240 or check out their website at

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