TownshipFuture Will Vet and Support Township Director Candidates for November Elections

By: Amy Lecocq
| Published 07/03/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - TownshipFuture PAC held its first ZOOM meeting to discuss TownshipFuture and the upcoming Township elections. More than 60 people registered for the digital meeting.

TownshipFuture President, Amy Lecocq announced that TownshipFuture will vet and endorse candidates in the upcoming November Township Director elections and that the PAC is interested in talking with anyone who is contemplating a candidacy and who shares the values embodied in TownshipFuture’s three guiding principles.

The PAC’s three guiding principles are: 1) lowest taxes possible to maintain services; 2) limited and nimble government structure; 3) respect for the Township’s history and character of caring and coming together for ALL residents. Selecting and supporting strong, reasonable, balanced, independent-thinking, community-minded candidates with only the best interests of The Woodlands in mind will be a primary goal of the PAC in 2020. “We want to work with any PAC, organization or individual who shares these principles,” said Lecocq.

Each of the five Steering Committee members were introduced and spoke about various aspects of the PAC that was formed earlier this year to ensure The Woodlands remains one of the best places to live in the United States. The Steering Committee members are: Amy Lecocq, Walter Cooke, Kira Becker, Rob Johnson, and Bob Lieilich.

Among the Steering Committee there are 3 Hometown Heroes, 2 Moms, 3 Dads, 2 Grandpas, 1 engineer, 1 communications professional and 3 lawyers. Together, they have 0ver 100 years of residency in The Woodlands, ranging from 7 years to 30 years, and they hail from 4 villages, including the only Harris County village of Creekside Park.

Walter Cooke, who previously ran for The Woodlands Township Board, shared tips on running for office and identified many areas where TownshipFuture could assist its endorsed candidates.

Bob Lieilich, a recent Campaign Treasurer, shared some and details on running for Township office. The filing for Township Board candidates starts July 18, 2020 and the last day of filing is August 17, 2020.

In addition to vetting and supporting candidates, Lecocq explained that TownshipFuture’s mission includes educating residents on key issues affecting The Woodlands and advocating on those issues.

For example, Rob Johnson cited the recent unlawful resignation and appointment of a new Director and Johnson noted that TownshipFuture called out the Board for its lack of transparency, public input, due process and fundamental fairness. TownshipFuture also drafted and proposed a policy to avoid these shortcomings in the future.

Kira Becker highlighted the group’s messaging on its website and social media, including the group’s support for the recent Proclamation proposed by Ann Snyder reminding us of The Woodlands welcoming and inclusive history and character of caring for all residents.

On the call, Lecocq stressed that TownshipFuture’s Charter limits its participation to only non-partisan elections. These non-partisan races are fundamentally local and are intended to be focused more on community concerns rather than partisan politics. Candidates in these elections are not primaried by the parties and are not identified on the ballot as a member of a party. TownshipFuture may participate in other non-partisan elections such as the Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), the school districts that enroll Woodlands students, or Water Conservation Districts like LSWCD as needs arise, but will not participate in any partisan elections.

On Friday, Lecocq summarized her comments regarding the PAC’s intentions, “Make no mistake, we are approaching a crossroads in our community and November’s elections are critical to defining The Woodlands’ future. Our goal is to organize and bring together the best of our community’s energies and skills. We know a decidedly community-oriented, non-partisan PAC is a new approach, and we accept this challenge enthusiastically. We cannot postpone taking these steps for our Township’s Future and we intend to win.”

Attendees and members of the community are encouraged to contact TownshipFuture at or contact a Steering Committee member if they are interested in participating either as a candidate, a volunteer or donor. To donate or learn more about TownshipFuture, residents are invited to explore the group’s mission & advocacy work at

TownshipFuture is a Texas general purpose Political Action Committee (PAC). We aim to bring together residents of The Woodlands to celebrate our Township’s vibrancy & vision through civic engagement. Our mission is to educate & advocate on key local issues, and to elect community-minded candidates running for non- partisan office. Join us to keep our hometown one of the best places in the country to live, work, pray & play! For more information, visit

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