Tutoring Services in The Woodlands Area for All Ages

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 08/14/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX – All too often, students get lost in the education system. The one-on-one attention tutors provide helps students overcome academic challenges, improve their confidence, and gain the supportive knowledge that someone has their back. The pandemic has added its own set of complications to this school year. All of the tutoring services listed below are ready and able to help!

Note that not all online tutoring options are a simple Skype call; students and tutors can actually share screens, which allows them to work as if they were in person.

Simply Tutoring
Specialty: All grades/subjects, special needs, homeschooling, SAT/ACT prep
Instruction Type: In person at a neutral location or at home, as well as online

Simply tutoring has been in business locally for 21 years, working with students who are enrolled in public school, private school, and homeschool. They offer tutoring for all grades, from kids just starting out to graduate students. They also specialize in helping students with diagnosed learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing disorders, and ADHD.

In order to accommodate everyone, they offer a wide variety of rates. “We have tutors who are honors level high school students, college students, adults with degrees, certified teachers, and tutors with PhDs,” said owner Sue Abbott, which allows for a differentiation in price range.

Abbott enjoys placing students with tutors who can plant seeds of positivity. Someone who doesn’t just know the subject matter, but can make it relevant to the student’s life.

Visit Simply Tutoring’s website for more information!

Reeves Tutoring
Specialty: Math (Elementary through college; geometry, prealgebra, algebra 1 & 2, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus) and SAT/ACT prep (all sections)
Instruction Type: Personalized tutoring is offered online only; SAT/ACT small group is in person

J.C. Reeves graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. While working for a forging company, he began tutoring part-time and realized that helping students improve academically is his true passion in life. His tutoring model is customized to each student’s specific learning style.

“I’ve got a pretty good track record in seeing kids who are struggling in math and then getting A’s,” he said. “ Or sometimes it’s that they’re passing the class and that’s a huge victory! I know how to approach each one.”

Reeves also offers an extensive SAT and ACT prep course that he developed himself called SAT Intensive. Enrolled students meet for 4 Sundays before every SAT from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (with an hour lunch break). The system is designed to pinpoint where a student should focus their efforts and breaks down the test so that it is less intimidating. Reeves himself takes the SAT every year and scores in the 99th percentile.

For further information on SAT Intensive or Reeves’ personalized tutoring, visit his website.

At-Home Tutoring Services
Specialty: Pre-k through graduate school (All subjects, as well as guidance counseling for college bound students)
Instruction Type: At-home and virtual online option available

At-Home Tutoring Services has taught children as young as 4 years old and adults as old as 72. Therefore it’s no surprise that they help with a wide array of subjects. From early language skills and core classes, to AP classes and research paper submissions, they have specialized tutors for every need. They are very selective with who they hire and pair students with. For example, if a student needs help with ninth grade bio, they will choose a tutor who not only has the knowledge to help, but also has a professional background in biology and a passion for the subject.

“We approach tutoring from a coaching perspective … we’re there to help [students] know that they can do it, and that they’re capable,” said owner Eva Bisso. “We push them a little harder than just getting through an assignment, we want them to achieve a deeper understanding, and mastery of the subject.”

At-Home Tutoring Services is flexible; they can help students for a specific test or an entire semester. They also offer guidance counseling for all college bound students, from determining a list of target schools to developing a strong personal essay and completing applications. Visit their website for further information.

A.B. Tutoring
Specialty: Third grade through college (All math; all chemistry; all physics; as well as SAT, PSAT, ACT, and standardized testing prep)
Instruction Type: At location, or online. One-on-one is preferred, but small group option is available.

A.B. Tutoring co-owner and tutor Alan Brock, knows the curriculum he teaches like the back of his hand. He is the perfect option for students who may not be internally motivated. Aside from subject help, Brock also tracks what his students are doing in class so he knows exactly what they need to work on. He is proactive, collaborating with students to develop time management and study skills.

“I try to offer a little encouragement,” Brock said. “Trying to be gentle and loving, but also trying to impart the idea to them that it’s a wise move to not wait until the very end, and that it really does matter that they watch the videos and try some practice problems.”

For parents or students that request it, he will supply outside practice problems to help hone skills between tutoring sessions. “I don’t just stop my tutoring when the hour stops,” he said. If students are having difficulty with a particular homework problem, they can send him a photo of it and he’ll send back notes detailing the changes needed to solve it.

For further information, visit the A.B. Tutoring directory page.

Woodlands Test Prep
Specialty: ACT, SAT, PSAT prep / Academic Tutoring (All math classes up to Calc 3 in college; Biology, Chemistry, and Physics up to AP level; All history up to AP level; Language Arts, including grammar basics, rhetoric, essay writing, and reading skills plus comprehension.)
Instruction Type: Currently meeting online via Zoom and plan to return to in-
person, in-home visits as soon as practicable. One-on-one help for both academic
tutoring and test prep is available as well as group sessions for test prep and
students in the same academic class.

Woodlands Test Prep tutors have both an exemplary academic background, and a giant passion for teaching. “We’ve always focused on [hiring] people who can sit down and knock out a perfect score any day of the week on all sections of these tests,” Owner Susan Powers said. “We’re not just teaching from a workbook,” she said. The comprehensive knowledge these tutors have allows them to customize their teachings to each student’s specific needs, including students with
accommodations, be it certain question types, time tactics, strategies, or a brush up on particular bodies of knowledge.

“Our academic tutors are the National Merit Scholars and the PhD chemists,” Powers noted. “All of our tutors have a lot of experience with working online and are very comfortable with that environment.” They are there to offer the, “face time,” that students may currently lack from their teachers, providing a live person to walk them through how the material works, answer questions, and monitor comprehension.

For a full list of services and pricing options, visit Woodlands Test Prep’s website.

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