WGU Texas, Lone Star College Partner to Eliminate Transfer Barriers for Students Who Seek Four-year Degrees

By: Kathy Koza
| Published 10/01/2020


HOUSTON, TX - WGU Texas and Western Governors University (WGU) have announced a partnership with Lone Star College (LSC) to implement WGU’s “Onward With Learning” initiative—better known as the OWL Transfer Program—to support students who seek bachelor’s degrees after completing their associate degrees. The program launched this month and is designed to remove common transfer barriers through early engagement with students and sustained support during their academic journey at LSC.

OWL Transfer Program will prepare students for successful transition to bachelor’s degree programs at online, competency-based university

“WGU is committed to helping Lone Star College students further their educational achievements by removing barriers to transfer,” said Spencer Stewart, WGU’s Vice President of Partnerships. Lone Star College’s high-quality programs will prepare them for a four-year degree program at WGU Texas, and by engaging students early and often we can make sure they streamline their academic journey—saving them time and tuition costs.”

Benefits to students participating in the OWL Transfer Program include:

• Guaranteed admission at WGU Texas for Lone Star College graduates participating in the OWL program.
• Eligibility to earn a scholarship of $900 per six-month term, for up to two years.
• Regular email communications through the OWL Nurture Program to keep students on track for success and graduation.
• Free online transfer success courses and co-advising from WGU staff to ensure credit transfer maximization.
• Access to social-emotional learning course—the Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)—that helps develop students’ confidence, communication skills, help-seeking skills, and planning, time management, and study habits.

WGU—the nation’s largest online, nonprofit university—introduced the OWL Transfer Program this month to 21 community colleges across the country to serve thousands of students who are newly enrolled or who have completed less than 50 percent of their associate degree programs (30 credits), and who are interested in one of 13 bachelor’s degree programs from WGU Texas’ College of Business, College of Information Technology, or Teachers College.

“We are excited that WGU Texas is working with Lone Star College to help our students continue their education,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC chancellor. “This partnership is a perfect example how two-year and four-year colleges can work together to create educational pathways for our students.”

More information about the OWL Transfer Program, including a full list of eligible WGU Texas degree programs and a sign-up form for interested students, is available at www.wgu.edu/owltransferprogram.

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