An Important Message from The Woodlands Water Agency Regarding the Continued Safety of the Local Water Supply

By: The Woodlands Water Agency
| Published 10/09/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Woodlands Water Agency reminded customers today that the water supply in The Woodlands is not affected by recent contamination incidents in the Houston area.

The water supply in The Woodlands, as provided by the 10 municipal utility districts (MUDs) in our area, continues to be certified by the State of Texas as a “Superior Water System.”

On Thursday, the San Jacinto River Authority, which provides wholesale surface water sourced from Lake Conroe to The Woodlands, advised customers in response to a contamination incident in the City of Lake Jackson that the SJRA water system is fully compliant with safe drinking water regulations and meets Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s drinking water requirements.

According to the SJRA, “The water from Lake Conroe receives a high degree of monitoring, treatment, and disinfection prior to being distributed to customers. We screen for various bacteria and employ a robust treatment process that includes granulated activated carbon, micro filtration, air stripping, and chlorine disinfection that filters contaminants down to the size of viruses and bacteria to produce the highest quality drinking water.”

The Woodlands Water Agency also reconfirmed that waterborne pathogens such as COVID-19 virus and amoebas that cause brain illnesses are controlled by disinfection and standard treatment and disinfectant processes in the water supply.

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