Statement From Jim Carman, President – Houston Region, The Howard Hughes Corporation, Regarding Oct. 22nd Township Board of Directors Meeting

By: Lorrie Parise
| Published 10/23/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - The following is a statement from Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region of The Howard Hughes Corporation, in regards to the October 22nd Township Board of Director's Meeting:

'Chairman Gordy Bunch’s outburst and criticism of Howard Hughes at last night’s meeting of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors was both surprising and out of place. As Dr. Snyder made clear, the East Shore development issue was resolved because Howard Hughes and the residents of East Shore came together to listen to each other and arrive at a solution. Rather than acknowledging a very collaborative process, Chairman Bunch instead chose to criticize the company. We were disappointed that not once during our discussions with East Shore residents did Chairman Bunch reach out to us.'

'As has always been our practice, Howard Hughes will continue working closely with residents, village associations, HOAs and community groups to address mutual concerns regarding our development plans. If Chairman Bunch chooses to be involved in future development issues, we hope that he will reach out and engage with us in a similarly collaborative way. The Howard Hughes Corporation is based in The Woodlands, our employees and their families live here, and we will continue to work closely with and give back to this community that we love and have helped create.'

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