On The Ground Floor With The Candy House

By: Billy Adams
| Published 11/28/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- A while back, the community came together to help a beloved candy store owner, Don Baker meet his needs of covering his business expenses and increasing his sales to make it possible for him to make it through the holidays and keep his doors open at his candy shop.

Multiple news outlets covered this story including ourselves. What is amazing about this story though is the extent to which the community came together and met those needs. As of this writing, the gofundme page set up for the Baker's was well over $36,000. And when we talked to Don's son over the Thanksgiving holidays about the turnout from people dropping by to say hi and buy some candy, he said that the number of people visiting his shop ran into the thousands. There were long lines that stretched along the front of their business with wait times to get in that were said to be around 2 hours.

Another kind gesture we learned about recently was from another local business, Texas Engineered Roofing and General Contracting. Brad Briggs, who is the owner of TER asked Candy House if TER could lay new flooring in their shop. They would provide the labor and materials at no cost to the store. Some of the areas in the store were pretty worn through age and needed to be replaced. The Candy House agreed to the offer and to help minimize the amount of time the store needed to be closed for this upgrade, Brad and his team agreed to refloor the store over the Thanksgiving holidays since the store would be normally closed during that time. We were told that Texas Engineered Roofing and General Contracting spent most of Thanksgiving day ripping out old tiles and replacing the old floor with new waterproof flooring. Brad showed us where they also fixed an area of one wall that Don had a fudge machine placed.

We thought this was a kind gesture from Texas Engineered Roofing and a great upgrade for the Candy House. Don Jr. mentioned that his dad loves to talk to people and the store has provided candy to three generations of families throughout the community. The candy store will open up again on Monday, November 30 with the brand new flooring. Drop by and check out the new flooring at the Candy House, buy some delicious candy, and say hi to Don Baker. He would love to talk to you and get to know you and your family.

If you would like to contribute to the gofundme page that was set up for him, please go to the following link:


If you would like to know more about Texas Engineered Roofing, you can find out more about them at - https://www.txengineeredroofing.com

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