Congressman Troy Nehls Announces Electoral College Vote Position

By: Daniel Gribble
| Published 01/05/2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Nehls after much personal deliberation and counsel from constituents in the district has announced his position on the January 6th Electoral College vote count.

“Tomorrow I will object to counting electoral college votes from states who failed to follow their own election laws and procedures,” said Congressman Nehls. “I also call on my colleagues in the House to launch a transparent and comprehensive investigative review of the 2020 election and implement measures to protect the integrity of future elections.

For the last eight weeks, my team and I have been overwhelmed with an endless stream of constituent contacts concerning election integrity. Tens of millions of Americans are deeply concerned with the unprecedented way the 2020 election was conducted. These are not partisan concerns about a desired political outcome but about confidence in our elections, the foundation of our Republic.

It is an academically established fact mail-in ballots decrease electoral integrity—lost ballots, wrong addresses, late arrivals. If you’re voting by mail, the risk of your vote miscounting or not counting at all is higher. The state of Pennsylvania had less than 300,000 mail-in ballots returned in the 2016 election. In 2020, Pennsylvania saw more than 1.4 million mail-in ballots come in—a dramatic increase that demands scrutiny. Rather than ensure electoral integrity of those 1.4 million ballots by verifying signatures, Pennsylvania stripped county officials of their ability to reject ballots with unmatched signatures.

While the number of mail-in ballots during the 2020 election was unprecedented, objecting to the count of electoral college votes is nothing new. In fact, Democrats have objected to the counting of electoral votes the last two times a Republican President was elected. Both times, the objectors were lauded by Democrat leadership and the media. This time, the president-elect isn’t a Republican and the liberal media is calling Republicans unamerican and undemocratic for objecting.

Tens of millions of Americans feel their vote doesn’t count but Democrats refuse to take their concerns seriously. Democrats won’t even agree to a bipartisan 10-day emergency electoral audit of disputed states’ results. Therefore, I’m giving voice to the concerns of my constituents and tens of millions of Americans who feel their vote doesn’t count by objecting to the count of electoral college votes from disputed states. We owe it to the American people to put partisan games aside and investigate. We must restore confidence in the integrity of our elections.”

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