Local Pediatricians Launch Pediatric Wellness Podcast for Parents

By: Samira Armin, MD and Anandita Pal , DO
| Published 01/10/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Ever wonder how to improve your child's picky eating? How about treating your teen's sudden acne? Curious about choking hazards or how to get your child to finally sleep better? The Pedipals are here to answer all your questions.

Dr. Samira Armin and Dr. Ana Pal are two local board certified pediatricians who have recently launched a parenting podcast and brand. In the podcast, they answer the most frequently asked parenting questions. Realizing that there just enough time to delve into the topics that really matter to parents during regularly scheduled check ups and doctor's appointments, the doctors decided to take matters into their own hands.

With this new venture, the Pedipals are able to dig deep into issues that matter to parents and guide them as they raise happy and healthy children. For more information, visit their website and social media at www.thepedipals.com

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