Houston Medical Staffing Company Ramps Up Recruitment to Assist with Mass Vaccine Rollout

By: Sherrie Handrinos
| Published 01/14/2021


HOUSTON, TX - CBC Medical Staffing (CBC), a Houston-based nursing agency specializing in the recruitment and staffing of experienced healthcare professionals, is ramping up their recruitment to provide support for the unprecedented task of administering the COVID-19 vaccination to millions of residents in Harris County.

CBC is recruiting additional nurses and medical personnel to support the staffing needs of hospitals, healthcare facilities and pharmacies as they roll out the massive public health vaccine initiative at vaccination hubs and additional locations. The agency has been providing nurses, frontline healthcare workers and support staff for temporary assignment and full-time placement since the pandemic began, with an ever-growing demand driven by surges in virus cases and hospital admissions.

“Across the country, and right here in Harris County, COVID-19 cases are hitting record levels and it is stretching the healthcare system to the brink,” said Christina Cornealius, RN, Founder and CEO of CBC Medical Staffing. “With all hands on deck trying to care for the sick during this global pandemic, the task of simultaneously vaccinating hundreds of thousands of people each week is a daunting one. We’re ramping up our deployment pool with registered nurses and qualified support staff in order to quickly supply hospitals, healthcare facilities, Walgreens, CVS and other vaccination providers with whatever personnel they need to safely get the vaccine in as many arms as possible in our community.”

Cornealius said nurses are in the highest demand, but there is also an immediate need for support staff with the vaccine rollout. Her agency has been receiving requests for temporary placements to avoid staffing shortages at facilities during the rollout of vaccinations to direct care and frontline employees.

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