Woodlands Wealth Management Firm Rebrands With a New Name

By: Kate Rutledge
| Published 03/18/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- STA Wealth Management has changed its name to Avidian Wealth Solutions.

STA Wealth Changes Name to Avidian Wealth Solutions

The name change does not reflect a merger, shift in business, or change in management, says Luke Patterson, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer for the firm. Rather, it’s a move to present a more streamlined brand for the 18-year-old firm.

“This is a change in name only,” Patterson said. “The word ‘avidian’ is rooted in the word ‘avid,’ which represents a passionate knowledge and focused pursuit — exactly what we offer our clients. We remain privately owned and will continue our unwavering commitment to our clients, our core values and services.”

Avidian Wealth Solutions is headquartered in Houston with offices in Sugar Land and The Woodlands. The company offers a suite of family office financial services including financial planning, investment management, private fund opportunities, and risk management. “We want to continue our growth and provide the highest level of commitment in helping our clients make informed and confident financial decisions,” Patterson said.

The company has expanded during recent years, adding new partners, financial planners, certified public accounts, and lawyers to their team of 48 professionals. Avidian Wealth Solutions relies on a seven-step financial planning process and a disciplined investment approach to assist our clients in reaching their goals.

Learn more about Avidian Wealth Solutions at avidianwealth.com

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