A Look Inside Wunsche Brothers Café; The Historic 118-year-old Building Beautifully Restored

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 04/06/2021


SPRING, TX -- Did you know that the Wunsche Brothers Café is the oldest original building in Old Town Spring? After being forced to close its doors due to a fire in 2015, the historic restaurant reopened in February of this year.

The majority of the 118-year-old structure was reparable - The back room on the first floor was replaced, but the upstairs, which suffered smoke damage, was restored. It houses a long hallway adorned with gorgeous banquet rooms. The upstairs was restricted to the public in the past, so it’s exciting to be able to see it!

In addition to the restoration, a new section was added to the restaurant, which includes two bars, one upstairs and one down, plenty of seating, as well as a vast outdoor patio.

Click here to view photos of the repairs!

History of Wunsche Bros:
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“A Texas Historical Landmark that opened in 1902 in Old Town Spring. Local brothers Charlie and Dell Wunsche opened originally as a hotel, brothel, and saloon built for railroad workers and travelers. It was built from lumber milled from the Wunsche Family Mill. The business thrived until Prohibition and was sold in 1949 and turned into a café. To this day the brothers, Charlie & Dell, are still pretty famous for being the ghosts that haunt the old saloon.

The café is known throughout the years for its hand formed burgers, Texas sized chicken fried steak, homemade beer bread, and legendary whiskey cake as well as strong bourbon and ice-cold beer.

Food and music go together at Wunsche Bros. The café has been a stepping stone for such Texas talents as Clint Black and Lyle Lovett.

In 2018 the Kosh family purchased the building and restored it back to its glory days. They are so honored to be able to bring back this local treasure to Old Town Spring!”

Visit their website for more fun facts and to take a look a their menu.

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